Tom has worked quite extensively in Oil & Gas Law and Corporate Reorganization, especially with the establishment of Family Trusts, Taxation and Estate Planning. Utilizing tax knowledge, he has prepared numerous Wills and Family Trust Wills.

In March, 2000 he was one of the presenters to members of The Law Society of Saskatchewan on Multiple Trust Wills and Family Trust Wills for the Estate Planning Seminar sponsored by the Saskatchewan Legal Education Society.

Tom has profitably leased oil and gas properties for clients for over 30 years and has been actively involved in dealing with oil and gas issues.  He has successfully litigated to the Court of Appeal on behalf of a major oil and gas producer - one of the first cases dealing with horizontal drilling.

Over the past six years, Tom has also acted on many cases involving religious freedom.  He has successfully appealed several cases and was the lead council in cases on appeal from a Human Rights Tribunal decisions to the Court of Appeal of Saskatchewan.  Tom appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada in October of 2011 in the case of SHRC (Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission) vs William Whatcott as lead counsel.

Tom has been very active with church organizations and community groups, and has frequently entertained in community functions as a pianist. He has served on Weyburn Rotary Club, Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, Church Council and Souris Valley Regional Care Centre.





Box 8, 319 Souris Ave. N.E.

Weyburn, SK  S4H 2J8

TEL: (306) 842-4654

FAX: (306) 842-0522




— He has attended the following professional development courses:

  • Prairie Province Regional Tax Conference of Canada Tax Foundation - 1994, 1999 and 2000
  • Tax Up-Date 2000 and 2006 by Thomas Devaney of Video Tax News

—Sponsored by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan:

  • Estate Planning to Minimize Tax Leakage (2003)
  • Income Tax Update (2004 and 2007)
  • Advanced Tax Planning (1998)
  • Taxation of Domestic Family Trusts (1997)
  • Corporate Income Tax Refresher (1995)
  • Testamentary Trust & Terminal Filing (1994) 

—Sponsored by the Law Society of Saskatchewan

  • Focus on Small Business (2009)
  • Estate and Succession Litigation (2002)
  • Corporate Branch On-Line (2002)
  • Effective Wills Drafting (2001)
  • New Land Titles Registration (2001)
  • Estate Planning - What to Watch For (1996)