There are many arrangements available for the custody of children after separation and/or divorce, and access to the children for a non-custodial parent. Custody refers to guardianship and generally is either sole or joint. Access is usually given to the parent who does not have custody. It is also possible to give access to someone else, for example a grandparent, if it is thought to be in the child's best interest. Access can be specific with exact days and times defined, or it may be general, allowing reasonable access.

If couples can agree on custody and access arrangements, it is possible to settle such issues without going to Court. In certain cases, this is not possible, and it becomes necessary to apply to a Court to determine under what circumstances the best interests of the children will be served. The Court will consider what is best for the child when making its decision. Your solicitor can advise you of all the options available to you in matters of child custody, and ensure that your court application reflects your wishes and concerns regarding the future of your children.