A Better Solution
Collaborative Law is a process to resolve disputes without going to Court. Most people really don’t want to go to Court to solve their problems, but do not know any other way to deal with their conflict.

Collaborative Law offers people another option
It is a process for resolving issues with the advice and assistance of lawyers, but without going to Court. All parties and their lawyers sign a contract committing to work together in meetings in a non-adversarial, respectful way to find solutions that work for everyone involved in the conflict. This process is useful in all kinds of disputes, such as custody and division of property, divorce, wills and estates, and business disagreements.

Collaborative Lawyers
There are approximately 250 lawyers trained in the Collaborative Process in Saskatchewan. They want to help you resolve your disputes without going to Court. STEPHEN J. SCHUCK is a registered Collaborative Lawyer.


Separation and Divorce
Custody and Access
Family Maintenance
Farming and Divorce