Divorce is very costly, not only in terms of finances, but also in expenditure of time, energy and emotions.  Following are some possible answers to questions you may have:

1.  Where might I find helpful information?

Visit your local library to find helpful books or go on-line.  Some websites that we think have helpful advice are:

2.  I am concerned that my children may be adversely affected by my divorce.  How can I avoid this?

You may be surprised to learn that a 2004 study involving children living with a single parent reported that children in a single parent home are the same emotionally and psychologically as children whose parents are not divorced (  It also showed that children's well-being is more influenced by the quality of the relations they have with the adults in the home.

If you want help with coping skills for yourself or your children, the Sun Country Health District provides counseling for those who may be affected by separation or disruptive family situations.  In Weyburn, you can call (306) 842-8665 or call 1-800-216-7689 to find the centre nearest you.


3.  How can I reduce financial costs?

  • Try to separate the emotional and legal issues.  Look at your divorce as a way to move on to a better life for you and your loved ones.  Don't allow emotion to influence your decisions.

  • Unfortunately, no one in a divorce achieves what they want - or feels they deserve.  There are two people involved and the courts attempt to be impartial.  Accept that you will get your share of the property - probably half.

  • Don't use your lawyer as a counsellor.  Before each meeting or phone call with your lawyer, list the things you wish to discuss.  Stick with the facts.  Each minute you spend with your lawyer costs you money.

  • If you cannot afford a lawyer, make an appointment with Legal Aid.  Their lawyers are excellent - but overworked.  If you have to wait for an appointment, don't be overly concerned.  Sometimes having time to reflect is important!

  • If you and your spouse wish to avoid the emotional and financial cost of court proceedings, you may choose mediation or collaborative law.  Neither of these options require appearances in court, so costs are reduced.

  • There are "Self Help" kits for an uncontested divorce and to vary child support orders at the Local Registrar's Office.