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Weyburn Court house


Separation and/or Divorce is an emotional experience that leads to many changes in your life and requires that some very important decisions be made. You may need to make decisions with respect to child custody and maintenance, spousal maintenance, and/or family property division. To assist you in these legal questions, it is beneficial to have a lawyer in whom you can place your complete trust and confidence. Our lawyers have experience and knowledge regarding separation, divorce, and other related issues, and are prepared to work with, and for you to advance your position.

  • Separation and Divorce

  • Child Custody and Access

  • Child and Spousal Maintenance/Support

  • Division of Matrimonial Property

  • Common-Law entitlements

  • Premarital Agreements and Interspousal Contracts
    relating to:

    • Assets / Property

    • Owning an existing business or farm

    • Inheritance and Family Heirlooms

    • Disposition of Property

    • Ownership rights and disposition of death

    • Benefits & life insurance policies

The Family Property Act permits spouses to enter into an Interspousal contract to exempt property, but the contract must not be unfair; it must be in writing with certain acknowledgements incorporated into the contract and each spouse must obtain Independent Legal Advice from separate lawyers.


The law states that most assets are equally divisible, with a few limited exceptions. The family home and all household goods are generally equally divisible. The family farm is not given any special considerations under the Act, but, if you qualify, it is subject to certain permitted exemptions.

The court has the discretion not to permit an exemption if considered unfair or inequitable.

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Spousal Support/Maintenance By Agreement:  An Invariable Commitment

By: Michael Weger - NSWB Law Firm

Published in The Saskatchewan Advocate,

March 2010 issue