Surprise Expenses include:

— Appraisal
The bank or credit may require an appraisal of the property, before approving the mortgage. Generally, the buyer has to pay for the cost of the appraisal.

— GST/Tax Adjustments
It may be necessary to reimburse the seller of the property for taxes paid for that part of the year when the buyer owns the property. For example, if the buyer takes possession on October 1st and the taxes have been paid in full for the year, s/he will have to repay the seller for the taxes for October, November, and December.

Please remember that you must indicate if you are a public or separate school supporter, as we are required to provide this information when we file a Notice of Change of Ownership form with the City of Weyburn.

— Surveryors Certificate

— Utility Hook up Fees

— Land Titles Costs

— Mortgage Costs
If applying for a high-risk mortgage, the lender may require payment of a fee to process the application for a mortgage.

— Fire Insurance
Fire insurance must be placed on your new home effective as of possession date. We suggest that insurance be effective the day prior to possession date to ensure there is no break in coverage. We will require a confirmation letter from your fire insurance agent that insurance is in place. We provide you with a form to give to your fire insurance agent.

— Mortgage Life Insurance
This type of insurance will pay off the mortgage in the event of the death of the policy holder. Remember that mortgage life insurance is not the same as CMHC mortgage loan insurance.

— Legal Fees
The legal aspects of the purchase will involve fees and disbursements incurred by your lawyer, Land Title costs, GST and PST, searching and investigating title; preparing documents including the Mortgage; complying with the requirements of your bank or credit union; preparing Statement of Adjustments; collecting and disbursing funds; and, attending with you to review and execute all documents.

— Disbursements
for costs such as postage, photocopier and office supplies, courier charges, long distance telephone and fax charges.

— Protocol
It may be necessary to use the Western Law Societies’ Conveyancing Protocol for closing transaction on time.

— Miscellaneous
On occasion, unexpected costs arise (water well certificates/GST concerns.) It is the policy of this firm to notify you immediately as to the possibility, and reason, for such unexpected, additional costs. possible expenses may include: repair work; furnace inspection; appliances; moving expenses; and, utility deposits and hook-up charges.

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Residential Contract with Property Condition Disclosure Statement

Farm Agreement For Sale