Our lawyers and staff are highly confidential. We understand the necessity of confidentiality and hold this in the highest regard.

Our lawyers will provide you with legal advice, explain choices and results of these choices. Our lawyers will advise you of what they would advise in your particular situation.

Our lawyers are understanding and require that you understand the information that is provided to you. Please ask if for any reason you do not understand what you are being told.

Our lawyers will attend at court on your behalf if necessary and speak to the Court on your behalf.

Our lawyers will not do whatever you want if they do not believe that it is appropriate. Our lawyers will advise you of the best way to handle your situation.

Our lawyers fees can be billed in several different ways. Some transactions are based on an hourly rate, while others are billed on a tariff (set fee based on the value of property or estate).

Our lawyers would be happy to discuss your legal bill if you are not satisfied. Your legal bill may be higher than you anticipated for several reasons. Some examples may be changes to the original instructions, court dates, or 
information not easily received, as well as many others. If you are still not satisfied after speaking to your lawyer, you may wish to contact the Law Society of Saskatchewan.

Legal Assistants are part of NSWB and your team!

NSWB utilizes a group of highly trained legal assistants to provide you with the best service at competitive prices. All legal assistants work under the supervision of a lawyer.

Our legal assistants are trained in the latest technology and provide high quality work at reasonable prices.

Our office utilizes the latest office technology, maximizing our service and efficiency and your savings. We hope you will call us and allow us to be of service.

If you may not be able to afford legal costs, speak to a lawyer to see if alternate payment arrangements may be made. In some instances you may be able to represent yourself or contact the Law Society of Saskatchewan or the Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission.

What We Require to Work for YOU!

We will require your full name, address and phone number. We must be able to contact you - some instances require immediate action.

We require a variety of information depending on the type of work we are attending to on your behalf. We require all information in a timely manner and some information is needed immediately to respond efficiently and effectively on your behalf.

We require you to make appointments at your necessity or our request. If necessary to cancel an appointment, please call to advise our office. We may require to speak with you over the phone to attain necessary information to continue to act on your behalf.

We require you to attend court dates when necessary. Your failing to attend court when necessary or when advised to may result in our withdrawal of services.

We require you to provide all information necessary to assist with our understanding of the problem, so that together we may come up with the appropriate result. Tell your lawyer everything, even if it is a detriment to you. Your lawyer would rather prepare for this, than have it sprung on them.

To keep your costs low, please have all your thoughts and comments in order when calling or attending at our office. Write down anything that you think is relevant, this way you will not forget when you attend or call our office.

Lawyers are professionals and as such you are paying for their knowledge and expertise.